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For Young and Old Alike

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Game Play | Antelope UP

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The Game

Levels | Antelope UP

The game has four different levels.

  • Level 1 - 2 matching cards
  • Level 2 - 6 matching cards
  • Level 3 - 12 matching cards*
  • Level 4 - 20 matching cards*

* The player has two choices.  First choice is to play with antelope only, earning points for each match and completing the level.   Second choice is to play with lions and risk losing the round.  The lioness toggle will be found on the Settings Page in the final release.
Status Page | Antelope UP
More Quality of Life Enhancements Coming Soon
The information page will be replaced with an interactive stats page.   

Stats Page is limited to the antelope in the current game.  Selecting the Stats icon (not shown) takes the player to the stats page where the player can study the antelope for distinguishing features.  

Arrow sector icon (not shown) will track regions and levels completed.
Expert Level | Antelope UP
Expert Level Coming Soon

Our expert level offers a unique challenge. 

Matching pairs in this level requires the players to learn the differences between the male and female of the species.  No worries, the new Stats Page will help you out.
Population Explosion.  Habitate Loss.  Economic Pressure.  Poaching.  Corruption.  
Building Awareness.  Developing Critical Thinking.  Applying STEM.  Finding a Solution.

Starting Today | For a Better Tomorrow

Free 'Beta' Version - Android, IOS and Windows with account
Google Play - email the PAKA project for promo code