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Discover the many antelopes of Africa!

The Game

How to Win

Work your way through the five sub-regions of Africa, selecting and matching the continent's multitude antelope species.  Completion of each sub-region unlocks pieces of a hidden image.


For the younger players, we have games that use antelope with striking differences.  And for those that like a challenge, try our advance levels, where only a keen eye can spot the difference between male and female, or the perhaps it is the twist of a horn between similar colored antelope.

Information Page

This page provides the player with a larger image so that they can study the antelope and learn the markings of each species that will aid them in the game. We are also introducing the concept of conservation status, habitat, and range by adding this information for each antelope in the game. We also have an audio clip on the page so the player can hear how it is pronounced. We hired a voiceover talent from Kenya to pronounce the names.

Antelope UP

A short clip of the game play.


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