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The Game

Explore the five regions of Africa as you match antelope across the continent. Inspired by the classic game of pairs, work your way up to the expert level earning points with each match and round completion. Multiple ways to play. Beautiful animation.
Choose the level that is right for you.

Easy - 4 cards, match 2 pairs of antelope.
Medium - 6 cards, 3 pairs.
Hard - 12 cards, 6 pairs.
Expert - 20 cards, 10 pairs.

Ready for more danger - and more fun?

Add a pair of hungry lions to the deck. Match two lions and you’ll have to start over. Add the mate for the ultimate challenge.  Don't know them?  No worries. Use the binoculars to view images of antelope pairs.

Levels | Antelope UP
Status Page | Antelope UP
Compete with friends and family.

You get points for every match and points for completing a level. The harder the level, the more points you earn.

Compare total scores with your friends and see how high you can go!

Not into competion?  No problem.  The score is accumulative.  Build on your score each and every time you play.
Expert Level | Antelope UP
Want to be a herd nerd?

Click the binoculars to learn about the selected antelope. Learn what their mate looks like. Compare their size to each other. How many times they were shown, and how many times you matched them.  

Need more nerd fodder?

Let your eyes graze on the informaton box.  The map shows the regions where the antelope can be found.  The height chart compares the antelope to a grown man.  Click the speech bubble to hear a distinguishing feature.  The antelope scientific classification introduces the idea of organizing organisms into groups by characterists so it is simplier to study them.